Three weeks to go

Today, I'd like to introduce two important partners on DER GUGELHUPF: our actress and our co-director/co-producer!

Say hello to Maria Hildebrand! She is bilingual in English and German, and will be playing "B" in our short film alongside myself. We are having our first rehearsal this week and I can't wait!

Next, here is Hannah Rogers, who I am so lucky to have beside me to co-direct and co-produce. All photos I have of her show her back, but I wanted to show you this one as it's from FOOL'S GOLD, a short film she directed me in. This week, we visited the location together in order for her to do a risk assessment, which will prove helpful when applying for insurance. Next week, we will be going through the shot list. 

Our budget is on my mind daily, as new elements keep coming into play such as food and hard drives. This article assures me that whatever budget you had, just add $1000. Not that I'm quite up there (yet), but it's reassuring to know everyone faces this!