Another door opens

Me again! 

Following the completion of the German-language short film DER GUGELHUPF, I am now turning this page into a diary about my life as an actress slash producer!

My film has now been sent to a few festivals. There is one I am hoping will accept to screen it, but otherwise it has been difficult to decide which places to send it to. Submitting can end up costing quite a bit, so for now I will submit to only a few per month while waiting for first selections from my choices.

On the acting side of things, my Spotlight now has three reels in my three languages: English, French and German! I was pleased to receive the full film of THE INK SLINGER, shot back in February, and used a scene from it for my English reel.

In terms of what is in the pipeline, there is a theme which will define this summer: mental health. First, I will be involved in Scott Lyus's OUR SONG, a sci-fi story about dementia. I look forward to playing the daughter, as I am always happy to be involved with Scott's work. This piece will be a very personal one to him, and you can support his film here

Second, I am part of the production team of Donovan Swart's short film DEAR MUM, a family drama which takes place following a suicide. I will be playing the lead Katie who has lost her mother. We are currently locking our principal location and will soon start the casting process as well. I'm pleased Don has also found a cinematographer he likes, and that collaboration will be very interesting to watch. Watch this space!

As we approach the longest day of the year, I am excited to start working on roles that require me to dig deeper into myself. 

Until next time!