Dear Mum: 3 months to go

We just had a great week-end of meetings on Donovan Swart's film DEAR MUM. With almost three months to go before we shoot, things are cooking.

- Casting: today, Don and I sat down to sort through the large number of talented actors who applied for the various roles in the film. I will play Katie, which leaves us with the roles of my mother, father, husband and daughter. In the next 24 hours, I will be sending out self-tape requests. This will be a great way to see how the candidates look on screen while speaking a particular part of the script. Our decision on self-tapes will lead to the next step of face to face auditions. 

On my last film DER GUGELHUPF, I only had one actor to find. Now that we have four people to cast, and that family chemistry will play a huge role, the challenge is strong. Being on the other side of things here (instead of being the actor), I notice how vital it is to have an up to date headshot and not to show images that are too dark or where a face is covered in blood. In addition, you notice the immediate impression that a first showreel clip gives. I would say that when it comes to showing acting skills, it is better to show a monologue with a plain background than a very dark clip.  

- Production: fellow producer Orhan and I sat down yesterday to make an estimate of the budget. Some funding opportunities are still open, but we are working while assuming we will work only with our money. We are still within budget, but as you know, last expenses can also pile up, such as insurance, food or costume. However it's great to notice that we have not passed our set budget. 

Greetings from HOT London.