Dear Mum: two months to go!


In acting news this week, I met a wonderful group of actors for the rehearsed reading of Romiette + Julio (a rewritten version of Shakespeare's play by Lauren Morley) at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre on Wednesday.  

In other news, notably DEAR MUM, please forgive the silence, the last three weeks have been all casting-related for me. While writer-director Donovan is working on his shot list for the film, he's also been deep in the casting process as self-tapes for four roles have been coming in. I am happy to say that we have now picked our FIONA, and that the actress has accepted the role!

In three weeks, we will hold our face to face auditions with our favourite candidates for the other three characters in London, some of whom have already scheduled their audition slot. I would say I already have my favourites for each character, but plan on being surprised.

With a little over two months before we shoot, there are still many questions to be answered, such as who will be our set designer or which beach we will choose to shoot one of our scenes at. 

Meanwhile, here is our poster for the film! It was photographed by Luisina Fascendini Gatti and designed by Marc Sargeant and shows my character Katie contemplating which words to put down on the page as she writes to her mother.