I’ve been cast in a play, and other observations


Theatre news!

I am so excited to be playing the rebellious and fragile character of Carol Cutrere in ORPHEUS DESCENDING by Tennessee Williams at the Stockwell Playhouse, London, from 15 to 18 May 2019. The play will be directed by Marcus Marsh and my pal Ali Shinall is also in it! Rehearsals start right after Easter. Save the date! Tickets can be purchased here.



I spent some time in Paris last month, and went to see Simon Stone’s current production of “La Trilogie de la vengeance” (the vengeance trilogy), starring my girl crushes Adele Exarchopoulos (also appearing in “The White Crow” directed by Ralph Fiennes) and Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi. The play as well as the audience are split into three parts, and you move between sets for each new act. Stone, whose “Yerma” I saw in London, grabs classical stories written by Shakespeare or John Ford in which women are seen as archetypes and uni-dimensional victims and gives them a whole new meaning in today’s world. I do love these kinds of adaptations that don’t shy away from changing language and setting for a fresh and visceral contemporary experience.


Finally, you may have seen my post last month about cinematographer Tansy Simpson’s work with Illuminatrix Rising, Kodak and Cinelab London in which I appear. Here is a longer clip, with sunlight and shadows hopefully exiting your screen to reach you.

Until next time!

What’s up, November?

These past few weeks have been all about The Curious Voyage, a secret immersive theatre show crossing continents! Indeed, it is being produced by Talk is Free Theatre, a company from Barrie, Canada. Canadian guests start a three-day immersive experience in Barrie ending in London, UK. Others are free to only do the London day, starting at 1pm and ending at 9pm in various London locations. You can read reviews on Broadway World or Londonist.

With only five more shows to do this coming week, I wanted to tell a bit more about my experience on the team, without revealing anything about the show of course! What I love about my part of the show, directed by Daniele Bartolini, is that the audience members really are the most important. They are the life of the show, as opposed to the actors.

In fact, I don’t feel like I’m acting at all. I have a script to follow, but also need to react to the groups I am leading through the “Voyage”. This has made the experience very freeing and I plan on taking this element into future shows.

I also have to point out the amazing people I’ve been working with: our director Daniele, the actors (Nikos Brahimllari; Rory de Brouwer; Gianpiero Cognoli; Magdalena Korpas; Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin, Ninad Samadder, Danielle Stagg) and our incredible producer Raylene Turner. I believe the nature of the show has opened us all up to each other’s quirkiness and originality – every crew member is an artist in their own way and it’s been a treat to meet them all. I will miss them when this is over.

Speaking of, after this show, I will be renewing my actor headshots and hopefully jumping on the audition train again.

Thanks for reading!

Toodloo and good night.